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web designTotal Hosting Design services creates websites that do only one of two things:
1) Make you Money
2) Save you Money

There is no other way for Total Hosting to design a website. The ultimate goal is for your website to do both.

How do you make money with a website?
1) Sell your products or services directly online. Total Hosting can design an ecommerce solution for any budget.
2) Use your website to drive a specific call to action. Properly designed, a Total Hosting website will help you get people to:

  • Visit your store
  • Request an email with more details
  • Call you to discuss their needs or place an order
  • whatever action you want them to

How do you save money with a website?
1) Design a plan to respond to changing market conditions by posting news and information quickly, via an online content management system
2) Provide online self-help tools so customers can solve as many problems as they can, without necessarily contacting you.
3) Focus beyond design and on the right content and information so that you are found in the major search engines for free

How can Total Hosting design an affordable site for you?
Total Hosting builds websites with a number of easy-to-use tools, depending on your needs. They are all browser-based, which makes it easy to design, plan and execute a website on-time and on-budget. You will only need a minimal set of tools on your computer, and really only to make life even easier for you.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your web design needs and we will be happy to quote you. Please give us a call at 888.600.5630 to talk to us.

Here are some recent sites Total Hosting has designed:

River Development
Port Monmouth, NJ-based, River Development, wanted an update to their look and feel from their old site. Once again turning to Total Hosting, we designed a new and clean-looking site and improved the organization. Our work was based on lessons learned from the original site we designed for them.


Style Envy
Ever fashion-conscious, Lorraine Miller’s latest site, StyleEnvy is the best resource on the web for fashion deals and specials. Her site is based on the Joomla Content Management System so it can be updated and managed quickly and easily by her staff.


Captain Art
Capt. Art Cortes runs a successful charter fishing business on Long Island, NY and down in the Florida Keys. We developed a new website, focusing on his boat, the Halfback. Total Hosting designed a fresh and energetic look and feel, while updating his site from a static one, to a dynamic one. Utilizing the Joomla Content Management System, we delivered on time and on budget.


Nassau PBA
This Total Hosting website was designed as a custom solution for the Nassau County PBA, an organization with thousands of active and retired members. We designed a scalable and easy-to-manage web site and hosting package that has allowed them to grow the site to hundreds of content pages in just a few short years.


EMACC, the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, is a highly-regarded resource by it’s member businesses in the Monmouth County area of New Jersey. The small staff of the Chamber maintain the website content themselves. The ability to get information to their members quickly, as well as make updates to things like the event calendar and member directory were all part of the solution Total Hosting delivered.



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