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When it comes time to expand your business you need more than just a server, you need a solution. Total Hosting features managed dedicated servers using Dell PowerEdge Servers, high quality bandwidth, and exclusive server management services. A Managed Dedicated Server at Total Hosting includes full server monitoring and recovery, patches and upgrades, advanced technical support, and enhanced security features. By partnering with leading vendors such as Microsoft, Red Hat, cPanel, Urchin, and many more, we are able to create a solution that meets the needs of your organization.

{tab=Dedicated Server Basics}

  • Brand new Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • 150GB of Pure, high-quality bandwidth
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Intel Celeron CPU standard
  • 1 GB RAM standard
  • 80 GB Sata hard drive standard
  • See Full Details tab for other CPU, Hard Drive and RAM options

{tab=Full Details} {slide=CPU options}Intel Celeron Processor 430 standard. Choose from a variety of other Dual Core and Xeon processors.{/slide} {slide=Hard Drive Options}80 GB Sata Hard Drive Standard. Choose up to a 750 GB Sata hard drive.{/slide} {slide=RAM Options}1 GB RAM standard. Choose up to 4 GB of internal RAM{/slide} {slide=Class A enterprise level data center} When selecting a data center it is important to understand how the design aspects of this can be used to benefit your organization. The Data Center is a Class A enterprise level data center that features high availability in one of the safest locations worldwide. Read more about our data center.{/slide} {slide=24×7 Support by Dedicated Server Experts}Your server is montored by our experts 24×7. You can even choose which services you want our staff to monitor.{/slide} {slide=24×7 Ticket System Access}Our support desk is staffed 24×7 to address any dedicated server problems as they arise. Just submit a ticket and we will start working right away {/slide} {slide=Up to 5 IP Addresses}Every server comes with up to 5 dedicated IP addresse. {/slide} {slide=RTG Bandwidth Reports}Always know how much bandwidth you are using to guage the popularity of your server{/slide} {slide=Free Manual Reboots}Reboots done ususally within minutes of your request{/slide} {slide=Firewall Protection Options}A free software firewall is included with all dedicated servers. Those who choose cPanel can choose to have the CSF firewall installed at no charge. The CSF firewall integrates direcltly into the WHM management interface allowing you easy control of your firewall. Cisco firewalls are also available for an additional charge.{/slide} {slide=Remote Reboot Options}Depending on your operating system, you will have the ability to reboot your server remotely with having to contact us.{/slide} {slide=Full Backup Options}You have several options for backing up your server. You can do manual backups, backup to a second internal drive, or use our affordable backup to disk via FTP. Back up to tape options are also available.{/slide} {slide=OS Updates and Patches}All managed servers recieve kernel updates, service packs, PHP updates, Microsoft security patches, firewall updates, and perl updates as they become available. Keeping your server up to date and secure is just one of the ways we go out of our way to build long lasting relationships.{/slide} {slide=cPanel hosting automation system}CPanel is an award-winning web hosting control panel program. We run all of our servers with CPanel and CentOS over Apache to offer our clients an amazing set of features, all easily managed from one interface.
cPanel Dedicated Servers include a state of the art, web-based control panel designed with a three-tier structure to make web hosting provision quick and simple. Using cPanel on Total Hosting’s dedicated Linux servers, you will no longer need to go through hundreds of Linux-based commands just to be the admin of your server. In tandem with WebHost Manager, cPanel’s sister solution for dedicated server management in reselling, you’ll have every tool you need to focus more on your business and less on dedicated server administration. Learn more about cPanel. cPanel is available for a small additional monthly fee.{/slide} {slide=Fantastico Deluxe} Fantastico, an instant installer of over 70 different scripts and tools for cPanel, makes your customers websites:

  • Easier to Manage
  • More Customer-centric
  • More Profitable
  • Have you wanted to add a blog? A photo gallery? A wiki? A shopping cart? Well now you can. All for free and ata click of a button. Fantastico Deluxe is available for jsut a small additional monthly fee.

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Pricing starts at just $89.95 per month for a brand new Dell PowerEdge dedicated server.

We give you the ultimate in flexibility allowing you to fully customize your server at time of order. You decide which processor, RAM and size of hard drive is right for you.

Customize and build your server now.

Learn more about cPanel dedicated server hosting.

Interested in Asterisk or Trixbox dedicated servers? Contact us for more information.


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