Enhance Website Functionality

Do you need to do more than just display text and images on your website? Do you need advanced functionality to make your site more useful to your customers and partners, and provide you with a better means to communicate with them?

Today, there are plenty of low-cost or FREE solutions to your business needs.

Here are a few terms you may have heard over the last year or so, related to websites:

  • CMS – Content Management System
  • Blog/Blogging
  • RSS/WebFeed/NewsFeed
  • PodCast
  • Wiki

And few pieces of functionality you might have wished for, for your site already:

  • Calendar
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Photo Gallery
  • Dealer Database
  • Client Project Management
  • Bullentin Board/Message Board
  • Guest Book
  • Knowledgebase/FAQ
  • Savings Calculator

There are plenty of others to be sure. What this all boils down to is that there are many different ways to make your website a central part in your customer service and sales processes, as well just be perceived as keeping up with the times. By taking advantage of a web host that is Open Source-Friendly, you can add these types of enhancements to your website for a fraction of what it would typically cost on a proprietary system.

Today, there are literrally thousands of web enhancing tools are availble, through the Open Source marketplace, that most business owners would never even imagine they could afford. Many of the tools are even free. Or, they are extremely affordable. All that Open Source means is that the underlying source code (program or script) is modifiable, duplicatable, or simply accessible, while it is still marketable.

Many Open Source programs have two requirements to make them work. The first is that they require a database to store whatever information you going to be collecting or displaying. The second is the means to understand, or communicate in, the language that the program was written in. Today, that pair is usally in the form of MySQL (the database) and PHP (the language). Both of which we here at Total Hosting fully support and use for our website and those of our clients.

We run our servers on Enterprise-class Fedora Linux and the most popular web server in the world, Apache. These are both Open Source and widely supported technologies. Solid underlying technology is the hallmark of a great web host. We provide our customers with the preferred environment (Linux and Apache) for using MySQL and PHP, and we can make sure it runs great for your account.

If you need a website with the underlying tools you need to grow your business, as well as the expertise to coach you on how to use them to your advantage, you want to host with Total Hosting. More than just web hosting, we can offer you help in choosing the right parts to build your website. Contact us today at 888.600.5630 or drop us a line.

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