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Interested in attending a FREE eBusiness Seminar by an local industry leader? Starting in September 2006 Total Hosting will be holding a series of Seminars in the Ocean and Monmouth County areas (and maybe further).

We will show you how you can grow your local business online. REAL WORLD information. This is not some MLM “Get Rich Quick on the ‘Net” Scam. It’s Best Practices from over 12 years of Internet Business experience in the following areas:

  • Practical eCommerce Options
  • Successful Marketing Online and Offline
  • Leveraging Search Engines
  • Saving Money with Efficient Customer Self-Service
  • Public Relations via Blogs and Podcasts

Thanks for clicking in.

Total Hosting is committed to helping small and mid-zized businesses succeed online. In the Tri-State (NY, NJ, PA) area, we have developed websites and successful marketing strategies for businesses of all kinds.

Starting in September, 2006, we will begin holding a series of eBusiness learning events around Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey. Details will be coming soon.

If you are interested in attending a FREE one-hour eBusiness Success seminar, please let us know. This free intial seminar will introduce you to the concepts the series will be covering in greater depth.

Thanks again for your interest.

Peter Stoermer
eBusiness Specialist, Total Hosting

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