How to give your customers products for free and get paid

This would be a dream come true for retailers. What if you could give your customers your products for a very small fee or even free, but still get paid for them? Imagine what your sales revenue would be. Well, a bunch of other people felt the same way and figured out a way to do it. But wait, it gets even better… they made it easy for you to do too. Here’s how:

There is a new payment service similar to PayPal or Google Checkout but with an interesting new twist. The service is called TrialPay. TrialPay allows you to pay for products but instead of using your money, TrailPay pays for your product using an advertisers money.

So whats the catch? When you sign up for TrailPay and purchase a product you agree to try another TrialPay advertisers product. Some of these products charge a small fee or no fee at all for the first month.  None of the trail offers I saw offered any penalty for canceling after the first month.

I tried TrialPay myself and was excited about the results. I ordered Trillian Pro, a amazing chat program that allows you to use AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google chat, IRC and others all at the same time in the same window. The Trillain program costs $25 for the pro version.

I chose to purchase Trillian using TrialPay. I was given a selection of offers from top quality merchants such as Blockbuster, eBay, Real, Rhaposdy,, and others. I chose the Blockbuster offer. This offer cost me $9.99 and I got one month of Blockbuster Video Total Access. This service mails me 3 movies of my choosing to my home. I return them by mail when I am done watching them and there are no late fees. The movies come with a prepaid return label to mail back or they can be returned to your local Blockbuster store. I also got my Trillian Pro chat program for free (although I did pay $9.99 to Blockbuter). I now have the program that I wanted, saved $15.00, and got to use the Blockbuster service for a full month and received 7 or 8 movies. Once I factor in the savings on movies I would have rented anyway, I saved far more than the $9.99 I paid. When all was said and done I felt good having used TrialPay and would definitely use it again.

Now the great part about all this is that TrialPay has made it easy for other merchants to come on board and sell their products using the TrialPay service. You chose the minimum amount of a money you will accept for a sale and TrialPay will match you with the highest paying offers available. If a customer selects an offer that pays more than your products costs, you still get the higher amount. The sign up process is simple and easy and they create graphics and checkout icons that you can easily integrate into your existing website. Money for sales can be directly deposited into your bank account or a check can be mailed to you. If you are using PayPal or Google Checkout, you will want to add TrialPay as one of your checkout options. Want to learn more or sign up? Click the blue box to the right.


Want to try out TrialPay? Total Hosting is offering free domain names though the TrailPay service. Get a domain name you’ve been wanting or add a second domain name for your business and try out the service first hand before offering it to your customers. Click the graphic below to get a free domain name.


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