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A great content management system needs great hosting!

Total Hosting’s staff are experts with the Joomla!® content management system. Our design staff routinely builds web sites with Joomla and have real world experience in installing and managing web sites with it! Why is this important when searching for a host? This means that when you have a question about your Joomla install, you will get answers from people with years of experience both using and designing sites for Joomla.

Install with just a mouse click!

Our servers can install the latest version of Joomla for you with just a mouse click! Our servers also keep track of updates to Joomla and will notify you when an update is available. You can then update your site to the latest version with a push of a button. No coding or database experience is required.

Our world-class annual web hosting plan is a fantastic value for the web site designer looking for a great service and a low-price. Everything you need to get your web site up and running is included:

  • 5 GB of disk space
  • 25 GB of data transfer per month
  • 100 e-mail accounts with spam filters
  • FREE installation of the current version of Joomla
  • FREE updates of Joomla as new versions become available
  • Over 50 other scripts included free
  • PHP, MySQL, Web Traffic Statistics
  • U.S. based 24×7 Technical Support
  • Need help moving your Joomla web site? We’ll help you move it free of charge
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and much more!

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At $8.25 per month when paid annually our hosting plan is the perfect home for your individual, club or business web site.

Total Hosting’s servers are continuously monitored allowing us to keep our customers’ web sites running efficiently even during the Internet’s busiest periods. Learn more about our Data Network Infrastructure.

Read on for a list of everything included in your hosting package. Click on the stars below to expand the boxes for greater detail.

{tab=Web Hosting Basics}

  • 5 GB disk space
  • 25 GB data transfer
  • 100 e-mail accounts
  • PHP, MySQL, Traffic Statistics and much more!

{slide=Over 50 scripts included free} Fantastico, an instant installer of over 50 different premium scripts and tools is included free of charge. Fantastico can make your web site:

  • Easier to Manage
  • More Customer-centric
  • More Profitable
  • Have you wanted to add a WordPress web site, Joomla web site, or other blog? A photo gallery? A wiki? A shopping cart? Well now you can and more. All for free. Click here for a full list of scripts supported by our control panel.{/slide}

    {slide=30-Day Guarantee} Total Hosting provides a 30 day “no nonsense” money back guarantee. If for any reason, you request cancellation within 30 days of sign up, we will refund you the 1st month’s cost plus set-up. This applies only to direct customers.{/slide}{slide=Pricing}Hosting is $8.25 per month when paid annually. That is only $99.00 per year. You can also choose to pay monthly for only $9.95 per month.{/slide} {tab=Full Details}

    Account Features

    {} Either variation automatically works with any Total Hosting hosting account.{/slide} {slide=25GB Traffic per Month} This is how many files may be viewed or downloaded from your domain. {/slide} {slide=5GB Disk Space} This is the amount of space allocated to your account, each 100 Megabytes represents approximately 5000 files. Additional disk space is available as your allotment fills.{/slide} {slide=Server Access via FTP or SSH} SSH is a program that enables you to log into a remote host/terminal securely (E.g.: Home PC) as though that terminal were attached directly to our server. Access is free and set up upon request.

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a simple method of uploading files from your computer to the Total Hosting server using FTP software. Our online FAQ’s provides detailed instructions on how to use SSH & FTP programs.{/slide} {slide=Fantastico Deluxe} Fantastico, an instant installer of over 50 different scripts and tools, to make your web site:

  • Easier to Manage
  • More Customer-centric
  • More Profitable
  • Have you wanted to add a blog? A photo gallery? A wiki? A shopping cart? Well now you can. All for free. Click here for a full list of scripts supported by our control panel.{/slide} {slide=Linux CENTOS} Linux (often pronounced LIH-nuhks with a short “i”) is a UNIX-like operating system that was designed to provide personal computer users a free or very low-cost operating system. Linux has a reputation as a very efficient and fast-performing system.

    {/slide} {slide=Apache Web Server} Every site in the world requires a server to enable its information to be accessed. A web server works behind the scenes to transport web pages from across the world to your computer, forming a critical part of the Internet.

    {/slide} {slide=CPanel Web-Based Control Panel} Total Hosting offers you a graphical web-based system to administer your hosting account. We offer two levels of control. One for the administrator and one for the user. The admin can set up users, add/edit/delete files and view your statistics for your website 24/7.{/slide} {slide=Password Protect Directories} You have the ability to password protect any directories that you choose to limit access to only authorized users.{/slide} {slide=Parked Domains 5 Free, $10 for each additional} Parked domains are also known as domain “aliases” If your main domain is, you can also have or go to the exact same spot when someone types it into their browser. This is a great way to increase brand recognition to your website. {/slide} {slide=IP Address available, $1.25 per month} Each hosting account is set-up by default as a Name-Based Account. This means that the hosting account uses the root IP address for the server which allows the account to be found while sharing a single IP address with other accounts.

    You can run SSL, SSH, eCommerce and any other service you can think of using a name-based account. Name-based accounts can not have their own SSL certificate (you can use our shared certificate) or more than one SSH log in.

    Some people like having their own IP address. If you feel that you need one, they are available at the time of sign-up for a nominal monthly fee.{/slide} {slide=CGI-BIN} Every web hosting account from Total Hosting allows you the ability to run scripts in your own CGI-BIN. We do not allow chat scripts as they are very server intensive. If you need a chat room, please contact us for information about our reasonably priced Java-based chat rooms.{/slide} {slide=Referrer Logs} This is an extended logging feature that documents where each visitor to your Site came from. {/slide} {slide=Access to Raw Log Files} Raw logs show you the IP address of the computer that came to your website, the time, date, and files that they accessed. It is in a text-based form. Analog Stats also comes with your account, which will show information in a graphical form.{/slide}

    Email Features

    {slide=POP/IMAP Email} This is a private secure storage location for anyone sending email to your POP box. It can be accessed from just about anywhere by a 3rd party email program like Eudora or Netscape. Our online manual provides detailed instructions on how to use POP email.{/slide} {slide=Web-based email} Total Hosting offers you web-based access to your email from anywhere you can connect to the web. This option is perfect for mobile organizations or connecting to remote offices. Every POP account set up with your web hosting account is web accessible.{/slide} {slide=Unlimited Email Aliases} Our mail system will automatically capture any name that may be emailed to your domain name. This means that as long as the is correct even typos in the user name will still be captured and not refused. {/slide} {slide=Unlimited Email Redirects} The WebControl System enables you to redirect e-mail to any POP box of your choice, allowing you the ability to forward e-mail to anywhere in the world. {/slide} {slide=Unlimited Auto Responders} An Autoresponder is a pre-determined message with information you want automatically sent to anyone who emails a designated email address/mailbox at your Domain. When an email is sent to a mailbox that you have assigned an autorespond message to the autoresponder automatically sends a reply. You can easily create an autoresponder with the WebControl System provided with your Domain. {/slide}


    {slide=MySQL 5.1.x} MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL (Structured Query Language) database server which is the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database. {/slide} {slide=PHP MyAdmin} phpMyAdmin is intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. {/slide}

    Advanced Features

    {slide=PHP 5.3.x} PHP is a tool that lets you create dynamic web pages. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages. {/slide} {slide=Server Side Includes} A server-side include is a variable value that a server can include in an HTML file before it sends it to the requester. For example, if you wanted a footer on all your pages that may change from time to time, you can create a text file with the desired footer and place it in your Domain. On each page you put a simple ‘Include’ to read that file and place it on the desired pages. {/slide} {slide=Graphical Web Stats} This will filter your raw access logs and break them into an easy to read graphical form. This will help you understand, interpret, and evaluate your sites accesses. {/slide} {slide=Cron Jobs – Available upon Request} Cron is the ability to run programs based on the system clock. A cronjob is a scheduled task that you want to automatically run at a scheduled time, e.g. run my backup at 7:30pm everyday. You need to create a cron table or “crontab”, a file of dates and commands that you want to run. A crontab file instructs the system to run specific commands at a given time. Run unlimited cronjobs a day. {/slide} {slide=Customizable 404 Error Page} By placing a file in your main directory called missing.html, you will be able to provide a customized page to any viewer that requests a file with their browser that does not exist on your domain.{/slide} {slide=Miva Empressa} Miva Empressa is the engine that is loaded onto our servers that allow our clients to run Miva Scripts.{/slide}

    Support Features

    {slide=Online Manual} Get the answers you need about managing your web hosting account right from your control panel.{/slide} {slide=Site Backups}We backup your web directory weekly and monthly. You may also request daily backups for files at an extra fee. You may request a restoration of files you have lost by accident for a one-time fee. {/slide} {slide=24/7 Technical Support Center} Our online Support Center provides more than just a fast personal response from one of our trained technicians. All submissions are tracked and monitored by our Quality Assurance team. Average response time to support requests are less than one hour.{/slide} {tab=Get Started Today}

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