New Year Website Tune Up

It’s a new year. Have you updated your website? Here is a quick checklist of the 10.5 Things You Should Update Annually on your website.

Actually, this list is mix of things that could also be done more than just once a year, but annually is the longest any of it should wait. 

1) Update your copyright. Even if the homepage hasn’t changed since  2002, there is no reason to advertise it.

2) Update your home page! You must have SOMETHING new to say to  your customers and your prospects. If you don’t why would anyone  come back?

3) Fix any broken links. If your site has any, time to tend to  them. No need to give people a reason to think anything "sub par"  about your business because of a sloppy website. Also, this is a good time to fix any typos or other errors.

4) Fix any broken images. See #3.

5) Test your website in Firefox. It’s the "new kid" on the browser  block from the Mozilla/Netscape (remember them?) crew, but it’s  worth checking out. Over 12% of ALL web surfers are now using it.  How does your site look in it? Check out 100%  Free (Ad Free, too!)

6) Add more products. Are you selling everything you can online?  How about products you don’t normally carry, but would like to  "test out" before committing to them?

7) Update your images. Invest in good quality stock photos. The  same with icons. If you are using the same free elements everyone  else is, how do you stand out?

8) Check your domain expiration date. Make sure the information is  current. Especially your email address. If your domain registrar  offers auto-renew, and you are committed to your site, just "set it  and forget it."

9) Check your website activity logs. You should be doing this at  least once a week to see where your traffic is (or isn’t) coming  from, how they are finding you and where they are leaving.

10) Remove outdated content. A healthy tree needs pruning to let  the stronger branches grow. The same goes for your website.

10.5) Rewrite your content to facilitate action. What do you want  people to do when they come to your site? If you don’t know, how  will they? Even if it’s a small site. Think Bonsai tree. It’s  small, but focused and intentional. Exactly what the Master wanted.  It’s time to master your website and drive the results you need.

Don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself? Don’t have a  webmaster on staff, or a clue how to find your last web designer?  Give Pete Stoermer, of Total Hosting, a call at 908-601-3108. The initial consultation is always free. Simple updates to complete  redesigns. Put over 12 years of web development and marketing experience to work for you today.

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