Security Certificate Warning when Logging into CPanel

What to Do About the Security Certificate Warning 

When you try logging in to your account control panel at
www.YourDomain/CPanel your browser may get a pop-up a security certificate
"Warning" you about the site.

This is a limitation of the browser and NOT a security risk. The issue is that a security certificate is issued to a domain name, not an IP address. But when you are logging in to your account control panel on a shared hosting server, you are not logging into the domain that the SSL Certificate is issued to, but the IP address of the server.

The connection between your computer and our server will be secure, based on a 128-bit key encryption system. You simply need to ACCEPT THE CERTIFICATE. You should have the option to Permanently Accept it. You should do so. Otherwise you will see the "Warning" every time you log in. And that will get annoying.

If you do not ACCEPT the certificate, even temporarily for the single session, you will not be able to access your account control panel.

We take your security very seriously here at Total Hosting and would never do anything to intentionally create a security risk. So, again, Please ACCEPT THE CERTIFICATE PERMANENTLY so you will have secure, unfettered access to your account controls.

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