The Name of the Game

Domain names are the key to your website and it is what gives your website its identity. The easiest part of the web hosting process can easily cause you the most headaches and even cost you the most money.

One of the most important and also most neglected parts of ensuring your site is hosted successfully is your domain name
Your domain name IS your website.  It is the name that perspective
visitors will type in when they wish to view your site.  The domain
many times tells the visitor exactly what they will see when they visit
your site, like  We can tell from the name that this site is all about getting your site hosted on the web.

names are registered
in one year blocks.  When your register a name,
you are saying that you have exclusive rights to that name.  As long as
you keep the registration current,  that domain name is yours to use
when hosting your website.

The problem with domain names is that
the "owners" do not keep them current or allow them to expire and go
into redemption.  If a domain name is allowed to expire the first most
noticeable  issue is that your web site will no longer function. 
Visitors will be taken a generic page depending on the name registrar
and no longer show your content.  Even worse, once a name expires and
goes into redemption, you risk the chance of losing the rights to your
name.  When a domain name is in redemption you will need to pay as much
as $100 or more to have the name re-activated.  Waiting too long though
will ultimately leave your domain available for other users to register
it for their own use.

What can you do?  Keep your domain name
information current.  Registering a domain name through Total Hosting is only $20 per year (far less than the $100 re-activation fee). 
You can register your name for up to 5 years.  If it is a name that is
important to you, consider locking it down for 5 years so you have no
need to worry about it every year.  Lastly, ensure you registration
info is current.  When you domain name comes up for renewal your domain
registrar will attempt to contact you.  If your email has changed,
contacting you will not be possible causing your name to lapse into

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