What can you do with Total Hosting?

Did you know that you
can instantly install just about any kind of functionality you want on your
website? For FREE?

We offer Fantastico, an
instant installer of over 70 different scripts and tools, to make your website:

  • Easier to Manage
  • More Customer-centric
  • More Profitable

Have you wanted to add a
blog? A photo gallery? A wiki? A shopping cart? Well now you can. All for free.

All you need to do is
log into your Cpanel control panel (found at yourdomain.com/cpanel).
From the menu bar go to Control Panel > Software/Services > Fantastico
Once in Fantastico, simply select the script you want to install, follow the
prompts for any details needed (like user names and passwords) and then in
seconds you are done!

Every web hosting
from Total Hosting comes with 5 MySQL Databases (more available for a
modest fee). This allows you to install up to five scripts at any one time. If
you install a content management system (like Joomla) you can get the
functionality of many scripts while using only one database.

While all of the scripts
included have their merits, here are our favorites:

Blog – WordPress
It's easy to use and has all of the latest tools for getting you the most
exposure. Turn your website into a PR machine. Great for search engines, too!

Content Management
System (CMS) – Joomla
Like a blog on steroids, Joomla lets you manage an entire website, from one
web-based control panel. Flexible templates, amazingly adaptive and great
support from an active user group, all add up to the best thing to happen to
community-driven and actively updated websites in years.

Forum – phpBB2
If you want to add content to your website that you don't have to generate
yourself, or just provide low cost online support for your product or service,
there is no easier way than with a forum. You decide if you want to make it
public or private for customers only. If you ever said "If I had a dollar
for every time I answered that," you need a forum for your business.

Photo Gallery – Gallery
The most popular photo gallery programs on the internet. Use it to build a
product catalog or to sell pictures professionally, Gallery 2 can do it all.
Lots of templates available online. Good selection of optional features. This
is a somewhat complex product, but it is fairly well documented. Great
user-based support.

eCommerce – OS
The most popular open source shopping cart/catalog manager around. If you just
want to give "eCommerce a chance" here is a great way to get rid of
some excess inventory or build your own MegaLow-Mart online. Installs with a
great array of features that will cover just about every selling situation.
Plenty of commercial and open-source add-ons to enhance your customer's
experience (and make your job easier).

Wiki – TikiWiki
What's a wiki? A wiki is a document builder. It's a great way to build a
user's manual (or series of them) that never goes out of date. Use it for
internal sales and customer service information for your staff. Use one to
provide proactive support for your customer base. Allow any of your staff to
update, all changes can be previewed or revised. Watch support issues decrease

Live Customer Support – Crafty
Syntax Live Help
If you want to provide real-time support through your website, give Crafty a
chance. It lets you have a "Live Help Online" option to give your
customers the best support you can, right when they have questions (without
paying for inbound phone calls).

There are lots more to choose from.
If you don't see anything that fits your needs installed directly from
Fantastico, let us know. We can find, install and customize just about any
script that runs on PHP and MySQL.

If there are any topics you would
like to see us cover, please do not hesitate to contact us .




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